Saturday, 28 February 2015

#6 Movie Highlight


This is the first movie that I watched once I arrived in my home. Actually I am really looking forward to watch this movie as I had read the novel so I would like to feel the story in real world. I mean in reality. I thought that this movie has two version of novel, which are Where Rainbow Ends, the old version and Love, Rosie, the new version maybe. But I only read the old one. However, I think the movie is quite different from the real novel. There are some parts that being cut and honestly, I am quite disappointed for the cut part. But still, I enjoyed the movie very much.
In short, the movie is about a couple of best friend, Rosie and Alex, who had been friends since they were five, if I am not mistaken. They grew up together and they do realised that they love each other. However, they were denying their feeling towards each other and married with other person. Until at one time, they realised that the decision that they had made was really wrong. At the end, like other cliche story, they lived together and have a happy life.
Basically from this story, I had learnt that 
  1. We should be honest to ourselves to avoid from misstep. 
  2. We have to be brave especially in expressing our feeling so that we will not regret in the future.
  3. Never ending friendship that is really touched and meaningful.
  4. Importance of family support especially when we are in need.
  5. We should not give up till the last second.

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

#5 Movie Highlight

The Vow

Just watched this movie 5 minutes ago. This movie is actually about a couple who had been married for years and one day they met an accident. In the accident, the wife got badly injured on her brain and lost her memory. Her husband had tried so hard to get his wife’s memories back. He had done everything but his wife still could not remember anything about their marriage. The last thing that his wife could remember was during her high school. What a very long time ago right? After trying so many times, the husband finally gave up and they got divorced. The wife discovered something about her past and she realized that she had done the biggest mistake. She met her ex husband to turn over a new leaf again.
Actually this story is a real story inspired by a couple that met an accident and finally they lived happily ever after with two kids. And what makes this interesting is the wife did not recover her memories but they still can live happily.
The moral of this story is we should not give up on doing something because no one knows what will happen in the future. Next, we have to be honest in our life. Therefore, we must love our family first than other. Lastly, we have to open up our mind to receive new things that we never discovered. 
I think that’s all. My brain is stacking right now and I get blanked very easily nowadays. Just don’t have much ideas to elaborate more. I need sleep now. See yaaa :)

#5 Review of Safe Haven

So this is the novel that I had read for last week. SAFE HAVEN. As for me, this novel is quite different from other novel that I once read. It still have romance in it but there is also a lot of suspend, shocking and unexpectedly material. 
In short, this novel tells about a woman who earned a new living far from her husband. Her husband was being mean to her. As she could not stand with her husband’s behaviour, she decided to run from their house and change her identity. In her new place, she found a widower with two children and they fell in love. They lived happily together. 
Meanwhile her mean husband, still looking for her all over the world until he finally found a clue on a death ceremony. He looked for his wife and found her. As he could not see his wife with other man, he bear a grudge. He put the widower’s house on fire. At last, the mean husband died after being shot by his wife. 
Based on this novel, I had learnt that love can drive a person crazy. Love is blind. Love is something that cannot be described. Love is abstract. Okay, this is all about love and I don’t know why I kept talking about love. 
Other than that, we must appreciate everything that we have now. Other else, we will regret about the thing that we had lost one day. Next, we must do our responsibility well, either as a husband or wife or even as a child. Furthermore, as a parent, we should take a good care of our children and be patience even it is very hard to educate a naughty children especially. Lastly, we must start a new living and do not afraid to move on after a big disaster. Sometimes, it is really hard to forget about the past, especially if it is really meaningful to us. Such as the person that we love. However, if we still on the same path, still remembering the one that had gone, how can we survive? It does not mean that we have to forget about them totally, but we have to move on and find our new living without them. It is true, to move on is something that is really hard to be done but if we believe in ourselves, the God’s way is always there for us. It is too much to elaborate about this ‘moving on’ topic. In short, God knows what is the best for us and do believe in ourselves :) 

Saturday, 14 February 2015

#4 Movie Highlight

This was the movie that I had watched last night. A CINDERELLA STORY ONCE UPON A SONG. At first I taught that this movie is like a cliche Cinderella story but actually I was wrong about it. This movie is kinda different, I mean a lot of different because it is actually different. What am I talking about ? I really love the songs in the movie. They were very bursting, no I don't know how to describe their songs but they were really enjoying.
I do recommended teenagers to watch this movie as it is about a teenage life, stepmother, love and it is really suitable for a grown-up like us. I got touched with the scene when the main character, Katie was forced by her step-sibling to write a song for her in front of her boyfriend because she did not know how to compose a lyric or even singing a sing. Katie had fall in love with the hero, Luke Morgan but her love and also her talent was misused by her stepmother. I just don't know how to describe about the scene but it really touched me.  
So lessons I got from this movie are :
  1. We should be honest in our life.
  2. We should use our talent wisely.
  3. We should not trust people easily if we do not have any clear proof.
  4. We have to believe in ourselves and never give up on doing something.
  5. Love among family members are the most precious gift.

#4 Review of Hollywood's Princess

I got this story from an application in my phone which is Wattpad. I don't actually know whether to describe this as a novel or short story or anything else linked. I do really enjoyed this story, which it tells about a life in Hollywood. 
Everyone would say that being famous is one of the best thing in the world but they don't really realise that being famous make you stuck and you can't even get your own freedom. Every action and every steps that they took will be watched by everyone. 
Its kinda a love story between a couple who at first hating each other and lastly being together. Maybe. Maybe ? Actually this story is updated from time to time and the author have not finished it yet. So, I am jumping to a conclusion that they will be together at last. 
From what I had read, this story taught me about 
  1. The important of family relationship and the effect of ruining family to their children.
  2. A real best friend will definitely know how are our bahavior and also to make us happy.
  3. We should not judge someone if we do not really know them.
  4. We have to be matured on solving our problems.
  5. Just don't care about what people says as long as we are on the right path.

Thursday, 12 February 2015

#3 Movie Highlight :

Yeahh and movie for the last week. NOW YOU SEE ME.
This movie is about Four gifted street magicians are brought together by an unknown benefactor and, one year later, are performing in Las Vegas as "The Four Horsemen," sponsored by insurance magnate Arthur Tressler. For the finale of their first show, they declare they will rob a bank. Upon the discovery that the money really is missing from the bank vault, FBI agent Dylan Rhodes is called to investigate the theft. They arrest the Horsemen, but are forced to release them due to lack of evidence.

Dylan and Alma meet with Thaddeus Bradley, a former magician who professionally reveals the secrets behind other magicians' tricks. Thaddeus was in the audience and deduces the Horsemen stole the money weeks earlier, replacing it with counterfeit money printed on flash paper: while the real money was taken to Vegas for the trick, the counterfeit money was somehow burned. The three go to the group's next performance in New Orleans, where the Horsemen steal millions from Tressler's bank account and distribute it to the audience, somehow composed entirely of victims of Hurricane Katrina whose insurance claims had been denied or reduced by Tressler's company. Dylan attempts to apprehend the Four Horsemen, but they escape. An infuriated Tressler hires Thaddeus to expose and humiliate the Horsemen in their next performance. Meanwhile, Dray researches the group and suggests to Dylan they may be tied to twice-a-century initiation into a secret society of magicians called "the Eye," who claim to have access to real magic. One of their members, a man named Lionel Shrike, died decades ago when Thaddeus exposed his tricks and ruined him, and Shrike hastily attempted a stunt to rebuild his career, escaping from a safe dropped into a river, only to die when the stunt went wrong. Dray believes there may be a "Fifth Horseman" who is aiding the group off-stage.

Preparing for their show in New York, the Horsemen evade authorities, and Dylan and Dray chase Jack across the city, but his car crashes and explodes. The remaining Horsemen vow to continue in his name and complete their final performance, stealing a money-filled safe made by Elkhorn, the same company that made the safe Shrike died in. They perform their one last show at 5 Pointz during which they seemingly vanish into thin air, inexplicably transforming into a shower of bills that rain down on the crowd. The money turns out to be obvious forgeries, and the real money is found stashed in Thaddeus' car and he is arrested, assumed to be the Fifth Horseman. Dylan visits him in his cell, where Thaddeus explains that the only way the safe could have been removed was if Jack was still alive, having faked his own death. Thaddeus goes on to explain that the Fifth Horseman has to be an inside man and discovers it is Dylan himself when the agent disappears from the locked cell and reappears outside it. A somewhat gleeful Dylan tells Thaddeus he wants him to spend the rest of his life in jail and leaves without explaining himself. The Horsemen are now rejoined by Jack, whose death was staged as part of the trick using a replica car and a body stolen from a morgue. Dylan appears, reveals he is their mysterious benefactor, and welcomes them to the Eye.

At the Pont des Arts in France, Dray is met by Dylan, who reveals himself to be Lionel Shrike's son. He masterminded the Horsemen plot as revenge on those involved: Thaddeus, for humiliating his father and forcing him to try a risky stunt to revive his career; the Crédit Républicain de Paris and Tressler's company, who refused to pay the insurance on his father's death; and Elkhorn, the company that produced the substandard safe used in the trick that led to its failure. Dray decides not to turn him in. She takes a lock and a key that Dylan produces, putting the lock on a chain fence and throwing the key into the Seine.

In a mid-credits scene, the Four Horsemen have driven to a wasteland in the middle of a desert. All of them enter and find a secret room containing boxes full of their new magic equipment. They turn to McKinney and ask him for his individual card to open the boxes, but he has either lost or forgotten the cards.

Honestly, I am copying this from the wikipedia. What a lazy me right ?
So, what did I get based on this movie are ;

  • be an honest person
  • tricky things are bad
  • do not easily trust people
  • helping each other
  • do not discriminate the unfortunate
  • having a good strategy

#3 Review of P.S. I Love You

So , here is the novel that I had read for the last week. For me, it is a romantic, sad novel because its told about a woman who had lost her husband who was also her best friend as her husband suffering a brain tumor. At first, the main character, Holly could not accept that her beloved husband would die as soon and finally with her friends' and also her family's supports, she managed to live by her own and forgot about the past.
Just before her husband died, her husband, Gerry had ready a note for every months after he dead. He had planned everything perfectly. As Holly did really loves her husband, she would do everything that her husband asked her because she knew that her husband will always watching her. She even did the thing that she did not want just to fulfill her husband last wills. 

For me, this novel is kinda touching because it will make the readers feel the same as what Holly feels on that time. It also teaches about the important of friends and family in our life. Furthermore, we must accept everything that had gone with open heart because there will be something better in the future. 

Saturday, 7 February 2015

Day 21

  • CRYPTIC (adj)
  1. Having hidden meaning.
  2. Well camouflaged; having good camouflage.
  1. Lonomia caterpillars are extremely cryptic.
  2. The cryptic response made her hesitate.

  1. to scold someone severely for bad behavior or even to punish someone by beating the person.
  1. He looked up at her, obviously afraid she would further chastise him.


  1. Very small; tiny. 
  2. Of, relating to, or written in minuscule
  1. The boy has a minuscule, colorful bug.
  2. The students are searching for the meaning of minuscule writing.

  1. extreme shortage, especially of food.

  1. Half the population of his planet had been decimated by famine and war, and for all he knew, his intended was among them

  1. a loud, coarse burst of laughter
  1. She has a guffaw when she hears the silly joke.

Day 20

  1. A joyful, somewhat muffled laugh, rather like a snorting chuckle.
  1. He frequently interrupted himself with chortles while he told us his favorite joke.

  1. To disarrange or rumple; dishevel.
  2. A disheveled mass, as of hair.
  1. She had a tousle hair as she just woke up from her bed. 

  1. A person who performs sexual activity for payment, especially a woman
  1. She currently work as a prostitute in order to pay off her university debts.

  • KERB
  1. The edge between the pavement and the roadway
  1. We can see a lot of kerbstones along the highway.

  1. One that solicits, especially one that seeks trade or contributions.
  2. An attorney holding a public office that handles cases involving a city, state, or other jurisdiction.
  3. Chiefly British An attorney who advises clients on legal matters, represents clients in certain lower courts, and prepares cases for barristers to present in the higher courts.
  4. Canadian A barrister and solicitor; a lawyer.

Day 19

Hello. Here am I again, Currently I am at home, enjoying my holidays.

  • CHAP

  1. to cause (the skin) to roughen, redden, or crack, especially as a result of cold or exposure 
  2. To split or become rough and sore
  1. The headwind chapped the cyclist's lips.
  2. She has skin that chaps easily in winter.

  1. A normally deep red coloured cultivar of the beet. A root vegetable usually cooked or pickled before eating.
  1. They had beetroot on Christmas' night.


  1. To move vigorously or erratically; thrash about: 
  2. To strike or lash out violently:
  1. His arms flailing helplessly in the water. 
  2. The boxers flailing at each other in the ring.

  1. To travel around from place to place  
  1. Swanning around Europe nowadays, are we?”

  1. an exasperating or being exasperated; great irritation or annoyance
  1. Katie said with exasperation in her tone.

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Day 18

I am feeling exuberant on updating my blog today. Reason? Maybe because I am in a really good mood at this moment. Words for today ........

  1. place for a person or animal to sit on 
  2. a freshwater fish.
  3. to sit or rest in an elevated position.
Eg :
  1. 1. A bird sits on it's perch.
  2. They sat in silence throughout the afternoon, until the sun sank far enough out of the sky to perch on the ocean.

  • STUFFY (adj)
  1. Lacking sufficient ventilation; close.
  2. Having the respiratory passages blocked
  3. Dull and boring
  1. He had a stuffy nose since it was winter.
  2. The ignorant boy thought that it was a stuffy lecture.

  • SLUM
  1. A heavily populated urban area characterized by substandard housing and squalor  
Eg :
  1. The innocent boy grew up in a slum near downtown.

  • ROBE
  1. To cover or dress in a robe or in something that functions like a robe
  2. a long, loose or flowing outer garment
  1.  The fields were robed with snow.
  2. She is wearing a robe.

  • GRIEVE (v)
  1. To cause to be sorrowful; distress
  2. To mourn or sorrow for
  1. It grieves me to see you in such pain.
  2. We grieved the death of our pastor.

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Day 17

  • FOND
  1. having a strong affection for someone or something.
  1. This mother is very fond of her baby.

  1. A brief beam or flash of light.
  2. A steady but subdued shining; a glow: the gleam of burnished gold.
  3. A brief or dim indication; a trace.
  1. I saw gleams of daylight through the cracks of the huge stone.
  2. The gleam of burnished gold had really attracted me.
  3. A gleam of intelligence.

  1. that can be heard; loud enough to be heard
  1. He sighed audibly and rubbed the back of his neck again.

  • STOMP (v)
  1. To bring the foot down onto an object or surface forcibly.
  2. To tread or trample heavily or violently.
  3. To walk with forcible, heavy steps 
  1. He stomped on the gas pedal so that the car become more faster.
  2. stomped on the sidewalk to get the dirt off my shoes.
  3. He got mad and stomped out of the room.

  • SUEDE (n)
  1. A type of soft leather, made from calfskin, with a brushed texture to resemble fabric, often used to make boots, clothing and fashion accessories.
  1. He is wearing a blue shirt, beige jumper, gray overcoat, gray trousers and a red suede shoes.

Day 16

  1. To seek to obtain something by begging or borrowing with no intention of reparation
  2. To forage about in an effort to acquire something at no cost.
  1. The old man scrounges for a cigarette because he is lacking of money to buy one.
  2. It is 3 a.m and I am scrounging around the kitchen foe a late-night snack.

  1. food for domestic animals; fodder
  2. a search for food or provisions
Eg :
  1. My mother asked me to buy forage for the family pet.
  2. Teams of green dotted ants forage outward for food.


  1. To make shorter.
  2. To reduce (a word or phrase) to a shorter form intended to represent the full form.
  1. The manager abbreviated the meeting to make time for the ambassador's visit to their construction site.
  2. To abbreviate the name of New York City, you would use NYC to represent the full city name.

  1. Dizzy, feeling dizzy or unsteady and as if about to fall down.
  2. Causing dizziness: causing dizziness or a feeling of unsteadiness.
  3. Lightheartedly silly, or joyfully elated.

  1. The man becomes giddy upon standing up so fast.
  2. They climbed to a giddy height.
  3. The boy was giddy when he opened his birthday presents.

  1. To hide something from view or from public knowledge, to try to keep something secret.
  1. He tried to conceal the truth about his health.

Day 15

Good morning world ! :)
I am having my bed-serving breakfast right now. Fantastic! Today is Thaipusam. It is a celebration that are celebrated by Hindu, I guess in my country. Surely, we get a leave today and I will be going to spend my rarely holiday with my dearest book. Aha! Lifeless? No. The one who thinks like that is a non-open minded person. I bet. Without wasting any more time by reading my personal life, let's go through a new vocab for the day before yesterday, yesterday and also for today. Might the words will help us soon :)

  • GRIMACED (v)
  1. a twisting or distortion of the face, as in expressing pain, contempt, disgust, etc., or a wry look as in seeking to amuse
Eg :
  1. He bared his teeth in a grimace, then turned her so her back was to him.

  • INCESSANTLY (adverb)
  1. In a manner without pause or stop, especially to the point of annoyance; not ceasing.
Eg :
  1. The lightning was flickering incessantly, but she heard no thunder.

  • TUBBY (adj)

  1. Having a rounded shape
  2. Short and plump.
  3. Having a dull sound; lacking resonance.
  1. He loves fishing and he has a tubby fishing boat.
  2. Gents have you gained a tubby tummy and lost sight of your twinkle toes?

  • GROOVY (adj)
  1. Very pleasing; wonderful.
  1. Never the less, the room did quieten down to catch the groovy lyrics

  1. something that is boring and repetitive.
Eg :
  1. The fun ones seemed so stupid, they were pitiful and the smart ones were so tedious, he wanted to scream.

Monday, 2 February 2015

#2 Movie Highlight :

Tadaaaa. Here is the movie for this week. MALEFICENT. I was looking forward to watch this movie as I heard many people talked, saying that this movie was great. Fortunately, I found this movie on my friend's laptop. Without thinking for too long, I picked my thumb drive and downloaded it. Okay, I am not supposed to say this.

So, for the movie review,
From this movie I had learnt to appreciate the nature. In this movie, a childhood Maleficent lived in a wood that are full of special creatures, species that are rarely be found. They lived together happily in that wood where all the creatures love and respect each other. I also had learnt that we must fulfill our promises to prevent the person that we had promised from hurting as we are giving them hope. Therefore, we should not bear any grudge towards anybody as it will finally harm us. Princess Aurora in this movie is a good, adorable princess. When she knew that Maleficent, her godmother was the one who spell her, she did feeling upset. But at last, she help Maleficent to get her wings back. Another thing is, a true love is not just a love from our mate. From this novel, I had learnt that a true love is a love that come truly from our heart and nobody could really feel the true love without a pure heart. It was so surprising when the one who cured Princess Aurora from the long sleep is Maleficent itself. Not the prince that had come there to kiss her lips.
I do recommend this movie to everyone. What my friends said is true. This movie is such a fantastic movie. :)

Sunday, 1 February 2015

#2 Review of Where Rainbow End

Here is the novel that I have read the entire week. For me, the novel is really amazing as it is a little bit different from other novel because it is in a type of conversation, emailing, and also letter, which the dialogue are only in chatting room/

Basically, this novel is about two best friend, who are Rosie and Alex. They had became friend since they were five years old. The had such a wonderful time together till Alex have to move from the place they were staying. Since that, they contacted each other by using email and also letters and sometimes by chatting. Both of them had a special feeling towards each other but they refused to tell each other because they thought a best friend could not be a love couple. Time by time, Alex married another woman, so do Rosie. However they were still keep in touch. Rosie had undergo a lot of troubles in her life. She had to raise her daughter alone, she failed her marriage and also she did not get her dream job because she did not went to college as she was pregnant when she was offered.Rosie's family always support her so do Alex. And on her fiftieth age, Rosie had able to own her dream hotel and also her true love, Alex. This novel is such a romantic, enthusiastic and supportive to myself.

From this novel, I had learnt about a true friendship which at last becoming a true love. There, I have learnt that we should take every chances that come to tell the person that we love our real feeling. It also tells about a social teenager who ended up pregnant to a very same alike daughter as her personality. What amaze me about the teenager is she does not try to abort her baby. She is also eager to raise her daughter with all her effort lonely without her daughter's father.
This novel also shows me about the important of family support in our everyday life. It also teaches me to never give up on my dream and always keep seeking for my own passion.